Ace Up The Sleeve For A Scintillating Scent

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Scents are often like Cinderella’s glass slipper. What works for one will not be a fit for another. Although the slipper was supposedly meant for her, the fact remains that the prince did not proceed any further once a fit was found. To the skeptic in fairy tales, perhaps his intended was a few hopefuls down the line. It shall never be known if there was indeed another foot which fit the slipper.

In the same way, fragrances comes in a galore of blends, drawing their essential oils from flowers, herbs, spices and whatever else able to emit an aroma to tickle or placate the senses. As it is not practically and economical feasible to purchase a regular sized bottle, samplers available in an array of miniature versions allow the masses to test out the scents and determine whether they complement or contradict the wearer. Once one manages to narrow down the list to a desired few, discount perfume sites offer the consumer a chance to own a coveted bottle at a price less than that over the counter. It is thus not to be seen as a lowering of standards within the circle of designer fragrances as making items more affordable widens their customer base.

Since a genuine shopper rarely leaves home without his or her mobile phone, shopping by proximity is becoming a rage within the retail industry. Although shopping on the internet allows one to access multiple sites by the click of a mouse, shopping on the ground requires one to cover much ground for good deals. As the memory bank can only retain so much information, offers and deals read over the morning papers can be quickly forgotten by lunch time. To make the shopping experience more effective, stores sign up with service providers whose applications are designed to provide their mobile clients with voucher and coupon codes based on the store’s vicinity. In a nutshell, one strolling through the cosmetics section of a departmental store can opt to request for coupon codes of discount perfumes. In the event the consumer has a store account, the coupon code is automatically added to the account thus minimizing the hassle to apply the discount. This is certainly what a shopping heaven is likened to. No more flipping through the Sunday papers, cut-outs stuffed into purses and pockets, coupled with embarrassing delays at checkout lines to present an assortment of coupons.

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Ace Up The Sleeve For A Scintillating Scent

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Ace Up The Sleeve For A Scintillating Scent

This article was published on 2011/05/09