Garnish your prop collection for theatre with authentic pirate swords

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Pirate stories have been an indispensable part of the bedtime stories. Almost everyone has grown up listening to the tales related to the famous pirates, their dresses and most important, their swords. Those who have a fetish of collecting swords can embellish their collection with a sword that’s both unique and antique.

Pirate Swords are the ones which gives a feel of voyage and looting. Some pirate rapiers are movie mock-ups from popular pirate films. Others are chronological replicas from pirates of days gone by. Whichever you favor you'll discover the best pirate sword for you. Now that the film industry has fabricated brigands into stars of the silver screen, it's no revelation that these swords have increased in reputation. Once deemed dangerous villains prowling on the seas for ships that they embarked and looted, contemporary outlook of these old privateers has been romanticized significantly.

One of the most widespread armaments of the time was the Pirate Cutlass Sword. The cutlass was the ideal preference for combating aboard ships where space was restricted and battles were clashed in close quarters. With its small blade, the cutlass could do abundance of damage speedily. While guns were also exercised by pirates, it was the swords that were most frequently used, because they were secure in small spaces and were quicker.

Back in the conventional days, the genuine swords were made from metal. The blades were razor-sharp so they could rapidly drive home the pirate's memorandum: the ship is their territory now. However, people today may want to experience the excitement and adventure of piracy during its golden age, but they may not wish the hazardous blades in their homes or in the hands of younger pirate enthusiasts. That's why online portals proffer the Pirate Plastic Sword. These swords look like those brandished by the authentic pirates, such as Henry Morgan, along with being completely safe and sound for users.

There is an assortment of pirate swords available in the world market which gives the patrons a wider choice to opt from. These swords are 25” overall. The swords have a 19" stainless steel blade. They come with a black composition handle with wire wrap and brass colored guard. These swords embrace a black faux leather scabbard. Next in the line is Pirate Jack Swords which are approximately 38" overall. The sharpened steel blade on these pirate weapons has an antique color style for a more authentic look. This blade is not a full tang blade. Handle is wire wrapped with imitation black leather. These swords include a custom decorated scabbard with skull and crossbones pirate logo.

Sinbad Pirate Scimitar on the other hand is 37" overall. These scimitars have a 26 1/2" stainless sharpened blade. Handle is red and black rich grain wood with chrome spacer. It comes with Chrome guard and pommel. Black leather belt sheath is included. Scimitar Swords are 39" overall. These scimitar swords have a 24 1/4" sharpened stainless blade. It comes with wood handle with pewter finish cast metal guard and pommel. Black leather scabbard for Scimitar is also included. One can get the feel to intimidate the high seas with this outstanding replica pirate cutlass. This authentically styled sword features a stainless steel 22" sharp-edged blade, steel basket hilt, and black grip. This piece measures 29" overall in length and includes a heavy duty leather sheath.

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Garnish your prop collection for theatre with authentic pirate swords

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Garnish your prop collection for theatre with authentic pirate swords

This article was published on 2012/03/02